a Qt style Art-Net library
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a Qt style Art-Net library

The Art-Net Version 4 describes three members of an Art-Net network:

  • Controller (requests)
  • Node (replies)
  • Media Server (mx extensions)

Node in this context is not the same as the "node style" value returnable in ArtPollReply. "Node style" devices are nodes explicity serving as DMX bridge devices.

A controller has a superset of node capabilites, adding the functions of polling and serving firmware.

This library attempts to implement the protocol aspect of Controllers and Nodes without enforcing compliance with the layer 3 requirements.

RX BehaviorTX RX BehaviorTX
unibrd unibrd
ArtPoll ArtPollReplyTX ArtPollReply
ArtPollReply TX TX
ArtIpProg TX ArtIpProgReply
ArtIpProgReply TX
ArtAddress TX ArtPollReply
ArtDiagData per ArtPoll per ArtPoll
ArtTimeCode Application Specific
ArtCommand Application Specific
ArtTrigger Application Specific
ArtDmx TXtx TXtx
ArtSync TX Sync
ArtNzs TX TX
ArtInput TX ArtPollReply
ArtFirmwareMaster TX OpFirmwareReply
ArtFirmwareReply OpFirmwareMaster TX
ArtTodRequest TX ArtTodData
ArtTodControl TX ArtTodData
ArtRdm TXtx TXtx
ArtRdmSub TX TX

Art-Net™ is a trade mark of Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd. The Art-Net protocol and associated documentation is copyright Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd.