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OLA LEDE-Project Feed

This allows to compile and run OLA on the LEDE Linux distribution.

Please see the OpenWrt documentation at and to better understand how this works.

Patches and comments are welcome!

Quick start

Make sure you have all the dependencies of the OpenWrt build system installed.

Clone LEDE with git:

git clone
cd lede-project

Change feeds setup to inculde reference to this feed:

cp feeds.conf.default feeds.conf
echo "src-git ola" >> feeds.conf

Update the feeds:

scripts/feeds update

Protobuf 3.3 is incompatable with OLA, include the protobuf from feed.

scripts/feeds install -p ola protobuf

Include ola in the build:

scripts/feeds install ola

Include other packages from feeds in the build. Perhaps:

scripts/feeds install luci

Configure the build. Do not forget to select OLA:

make menuconfig

Run build and go for a walk:



Split the olad and its plugins into separate packages.